Tree (Short Stories)

by Camille Dozier

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these nine songs, an intense summer-long project, are my very first try. i made them using my voice, my hands, a mug, a ruler, some water, a plastic measuring cup, a handful of walnuts, and a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera. i wanted this album to be completely acoustic, and that is how it turned out, even in the moments when it sounds otherwise. it is very special to me, and so i hope it is enjoyed!


released September 4, 2013

i would like to thank in particular A.C. for being my inspiration, and C.S.O. for being my proofreader, as well as everyone else.



all rights reserved


Camille Dozier Berryville, Virginia

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Track Name: Little Bird and Little Apple
i've been thinking a lot about mouths.
there are so many streets in the city and so many eyes.
if you go out into the campo the buses don't come often.
if it starts to rain the people keep dancing,
the clouds go up as the sun goes down,
the lights go on all over the mountain,
i can't hear the river but i know it's cold.
sometimes it's hard to remember everything i saw.
you're beautiful and raw.

now i don't feel so shy as i used to feel.
i've traveled north and north again and here i am.
it feels right to walk with big steps, and light steps on the line.
the seasons are different than they were,
i'm impatient but i know i can wait,
i felt like a goddess but i'm a gnome,
when i'm done we'll be blue giants, yes.
i can't tell what i've made up and what's nature's law.
you're beautiful and raw.
Track Name: A Dream
los cuatro estamos en nuestro cuarto en un hotel. ay, los colores! son los colores sutiles de flores, y de la tierra! los muebles, quién los organizó?bebemos los batidos de frutas. jack, margarita, guillermo, qué les ha pasado a los ojos? se vuelven morados. creo que los míos también! ay, mis amigos, ahora hay estrellas y de pronto galaxias también en sus ojos. podemos ver algo. será que estamos viendo el universo de una manera diferente? es tan grande, mis amigos! por qué bebes eso? no sabe bien. yo sé que huele a coco, pero creo que sabe a jabón. y todavía lo bebes sin tragar.
Track Name: Daphne
eyelashes like crowns
she is golden
done some strange things
home is out there
it is early
in the morning
and the sun is like a person
on the hilltop
brother eats a ripe red mango.
now the sky is
diamond fruit
and the air tastes
like a star kiss
there are footsteps
all the trees are
walking onward
on a green floor
ale of summer
and her skin is oh awake.
Track Name: Apollo
there was a sunrise and it flamed
a flower upward
and the sky was not done being born.
oh, you climbed and covered the world in a raspberry kimono
and turned us all to rose.

you lie in a nest further away
than i can know
yet each day i feel your kiss on my ear.
how you burn like spicy food, oh sun like an embryo,
oh sun like an embryo.
Track Name: White Rice
a rainy day is a good day
for a bowl of white cherries and a nectarine.
the grass is wet and green and blue,
and to be is all that you need. all that you need.

let's be stars in the night, let's burn our cores.
let's turn, let's run.
let's dance right over the tops of trees.
let's eat rice with drops of sun.